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Dogs Born To Guard

Trustworthy Guard Dogs For Your Family and Property in the UK

Here you see a 3yr old chosen as a 1st choice doing what needs to be done to keep out an intruder Example Videos One  Two

In all my years that I have spoken to people regarding Guard Dogs I have come to  realise  that very few really know what they should be, including the so called UK experts with many years of experience.

Some argue that, despite his family he has always proved harmless and confident with all the strangers who entered the house, but he would not hesitate to turn into a beast if needed (because according to them he understands when it's time to react), while others say their dog has all the courage it needs to be sure it's a real Guard dog

Some others continue to be convinced that a dog must be trained to guard and they need to teach them how to bite an intruder because they say it is not capable, there are those who say that any puppy, provided that it belongs to the right breed suitable for the job, will inevitably become an infallible guard dog.

In fact while talking with various owners, we learn that today there are now thousands of people who, though they had purchased puppies to become future family protection dogs, in fact this has not ever happened. By now the whole family is fond of the animal (as it should be) and then these dogs will remain for life as guests in the garden, play, and fail to do the job for which they were purchased

Even talking with honest and professional trainers within the UK you can understand how difficult it is to come across a good Guard Dog

The shepherds from around the world, who recall dogs from yesteryear hardly able to hold back tears recalling some dog they had in the past who could keep watch like no other.

From each litter that I produce or I select for others, only two or three out of each litter will ever become TRUE guardians, others will remain average despite who's parents were excellent.

So what is a TRUE Guard Dog?

Since I have worked for years, as my main activity, of security and  crime I have often got to see 1st hand how some offenders performed during a theft or robbery, and so I am now certain of how useful it is having a Guard Dog.

We must try to put ourselves for a moment as the crook who wants to enter into a 'home to do a burglary or a robbery. Crime is on the rise within the UK.

Being a thief or robber is a profession like any other and who knows that the risk is high and that the possibility of being discovered increases in relation to the duration of the action.

Any good professional intends always to get the maximum benefit by adopting the strategy less complicated, the criminal does its "job" according to the same principles.

I have never known any case studies of thieves or robbers who have entered a private property that were dressed as gladiators, to then agitate the guard dog so as to offer him his clad arm, I have often spoke to dog owners who believed they had excellent guardians in the garden just because they had been trained bite work for the defense and, although he has become accustomed to bite the sleeve or the overalls, in those cases  the thieves had entered without any problems.

I remember a jeweler who despite having invested a lot of money, both for purchase and for the training of his dogs, he returned home one evening and found his animals wagging there tails at the gate despite the the fact thieves had broke the wall to his large safe and not being able to drag it because of its weight had opened quietly the gate drove up to the house took it and drove quietly out closing the gate behind them.

A well-known practitioner of the Turin hillside, was one day at my kennels and told me that my dogs had no chance against his huge mastiff, he had to build him a cage because if anyone threatened him he would perform a threatening behaviour wanting to tear down his cage

A month later it was reported he was robbed in his own villa with the "big dog" that ran free in the courtyard. No one had threatened him so he did not intervene!

A good Guard Dog should not be a gladiator, capable of colossal damage  or a killer but simply an animal "intelligent", balanced and prepared GENETICALLY to do his job well.

Guard Dogs are BORN ... and not made.

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